Visit our website Schedules & Standings section or download the PEEWEE QUEBEC mobile application to have all the details at your fingertips.
Yes, lunches are accepted during the tournament. However, it is important to check the list of unaccepted objects below (ex : rigid lunch box, glass containers, etc.).
Yes, however, only parking spaces around the Colisée are free during the tournament : P1-A, P3 and P4. You can also pay and park at the Videotron Center.
Enter via Avenue du Colisée to reach P3 and by Boul. Hamel for P4 or enter via Soumande to access P1-A or P3
Yes around the Pepsi Colisée and the Videotron Center
You can buy your tickets directly at the Videotron Center’s ticket office or on line through Either way the price is the same $8 per adult and $2 for children 14 yrs. and under
From 3 years. Admission is free for children 0-2 years old.
The ticket you bought also gives you access to the games at the Pavillon de la Jeunesse. You must however get stamped before leaving the Videotron Center to be able to return and vice-versa. IMPORTANT: The courtesy ticket gives you access to only one site (your choice)
Yes exactly but you must have your ticket in hand.
  • Alcohol purchased outside the Videotron Center
  • Drugs
  • Cooler or rigid lunch box
  • Containers of metal, glass or hard plastic, aerosol can, fireworks, helium balloon
  • Laser pointer, air trumpet, whistle, megaphone, cowbell or a device or object whose volume, sound emission or light beam disturbs the public's tranquility or is considered dangerous
  • Camera with detachable lens
  • It is forbidden to film games with camera, iPad or other
  • In-line skates, roller skates, skateboard and bikes
  • It is prohibited to have in your possession or use, arms of any kind or sharp objects also explosives, fire crackers, fireworks, gas, smoke bomb, incendiary objects, pepper spray or any other dangerous matter also any other potentially dangerous objects for the security of all spectators
  • Weapon or dangerous objects
  • Ticket (s) stolen or smuggled
  • Any other prohibited article at the request of the sponsor

*** Please note that all bags will be searched

Yes, different concessions are open during the tournament. It is also possible to eat at the Videotron Mobile Zone for a more complete meal.
You must go to the Videotron Center customer service office located on the west side of the main concourse near section 104.
1 hour before the first game for the players and 30 minutes for the spectators.
Yes. To do this you must go to and pay for the package of live games. For information or assistance: [email protected].
No, it is not possible to see the games in rebroadcast.
You can go to one of our two stores installed directly at the Videotron Center. You can also order items on our website via the online store Expect shipping costs.
Photos are regularly posted on our social networks (mainly Facebook: @Peeweequebec and Instagram: @Peeweeqc). A photo album is also created after each game and inserted on our FLICKR Tournoi Pee-Wee Québec.
All special events can be found on our website, in the Programming section.
The schedule of exhibition games is not accessible to the general public due to the many changes.
Yes, strollers are allowed during the Tournament.


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